Turkey-Europe Reliations;

Social Dimension

  • European Turks
  • Integration of the people who went to Europe from Turkey
  • Europe – Turkey Compliance
  • Perception of Turkey in Europe
  • Turkey’s Modernization and Europe
  • European Union Social Policy and Turkey
  • Turkey’s position in the European Union Enlargement Process
  • Is it “Christian Europe vs. Muslim Turkey”?
  • The Effects of Turks on European Culturei
  • Syrian Immigration Treaty
  • European Perception in Turkish Public Opinion
  • Impact of rising populism in the world on Turkey-Europe Relations

Economic Dimension

  • Economic and Trade Relations Between Turkey and European Countries
  • Economic Activities of Turks Living in Europe
  • Europe – Turkey Financial Relations
  • Turkey and the EU’s Economic Policy
  • The status and future of Turkey in the Customs Union
  • Employment Policy of the European Union and Turkey
  • European Union Common Policies
  • New Protectionist Movements and the European Union

Political Dimension

  • Turkey’s EU Membership Process
  • The Future of Europe and Turkey
  • The Future of the European Union and Turkey
  • Legal Aspects of Turkey – European Relations
  • The Role of Civil Society in Turkey – European Relations
  • Local Authorities in Europe and Turkey
  • Urbanization and Environmental Policies in Europe and Turkey

Historical Dimension

  • History of Turkey- EU Relations
  • Turkish Traces in Europe
  • The Place of Turks in European History
  • The Place of Europe in Turkish History
  • Contribution of Turks to the Development of Europe
  • Eastern European Turkish History
  • Turkish Traces in Europe in the Pre-Hun Period

International Relations and Security Dimension

  • NATO’s place in Turkey – European Relations
  • Common Security and Defense Policy of the European Union and Turkey
  • Turkey – Balkan Countries Relations
  • Turkey’s EU Membership Process
  • “The Cyprus” Issue
  • Turkey – Greece Relations
  • The Migration Issue in Turkey – European Relationships
  • Importance of geostrategic in Turkey – Europe Relations
  • Energy Security Issues in Turkey – European Relations